About Us

“Empowering Breastfeeding Success with Supple Cups”
At Supple Cups, we offer a non-surgical solution for mothers facing breastfeeding challenges due to flat, shy, or inverted nipples. Our innovative product elongates nipples, enhancing a baby’s latch and providing hope to new mothers.
Why Supple Cups?
  • Founder’s Insight: Inspired by personal experience, our founder invented Supple Cups after witnessing the struggles of his wife, who had an inverted nipple while breastfeeding their two daughters.
  • Common Challenge: Surprisingly, 28-35% of pregnant women encounter similar difficulties after their first childbirth.
  • Effective Solution: Supple Cups gently stimulate nipples, resulting in lasting effects and improved latching. Available in four sizes, they are made of comfortable silicone, free from BPA and latex.
  • Cosmetic Benefits: Beyond functionality, many women use Supple Cups for cosmetic reasons, including nipple size enhancement.
Expert Endorsement: Leading lactation experts recommend Supple Cups in breastfeeding-related publications, including:
Clinically Proven Worldwide: Supple Cups are not only used at birthing centers globally but are also backed by clinical evidence. Explore the results from the clinical trial titled The Use of Supple Cups for Flat, Retracting, and Inverted Nipples, Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, Clinical Lactation, Volume 2, Number 3, 2011.
If you’re dealing with flat, shy, or inverted nipples, try Supple Cups. Experience the confidence and success that come with fulfilling breastfeeding moments between mother and child.